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About The Boutique Academy

A community-based platform for online boutique owners and e-commerce brands who want to learn how to make money  and do it consistently.

Is it a hobby or is it a business? Have you established the difference between a business and a brand? When most people launch a business there is little to no thought about what it means to have a brand.

At The Boutique Academy, we encourage the learning and implementation of various skills to increase your online revenue through clear branding, better marketing and effective strategy. We advocate for minding the business that pays you. But, it's hard to do that when your business isn't making money or the amount that you want to make.

Sometimes we spend so much time trying to figure out what other business owners are doing or how they're making money, that it hinders us from spending enough time determining how to launch and grow our own brands.

It's time to step out of that confusion and step into your bag! 🤑

We created The Boutique Academy to help you learn how to maximize your revenue potential online and to create genuine connections between you and other serious business owners.

Whether your goal is to quit your 9 to 5 or improve your side hustle, this platform was created to help you gain the knowledge and skill necessary for either.

The Boutique Academy is a platform like none other as it is one of few online schools owned and operated by someone who is actively running a business just like yours. Jance Chartae is a multi 6-figure online boutique owner with over a decade of corporate retail experience. She has spent the last 4 years sharing knowledge with current and aspiring boutique owners and online retailers who want to learn how to properly run their businesses.

The Boutique Academy has something for you no matter your level of business. Explore some of our classes below.

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* The Boutique Accelerator is an application based program because we believe that in order to accelerate your business you must have a solid foundation. Click here if you're interested in learning more about the program and applying.